‘Pretty Little Liars’ finale shocker: ‘A’ is revealed; was it worth the wait?

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Well we certainly didn’t see that coming.

Pretty Little Liars finally revealed the true identity of “A” during last night’s summer finale, and the fandom has been abuzz since. So, who’s been tormenting the Liars for the past 4 seasons? (Major spoiler alert below!)

It turns out to be none other than Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding), the handsome Rosewood High teacher who had a not so on-the-books relationship Aria (Lucy Hale).

That wasn’t the only shocker in last night’s episode. The series also hinted that Ali, the Liars thought-to-be-dead friend, might actually be alive.

But let’s go back to Ezra for a second (if only because we’re still trying to process that he is truly “A”). Was this revelation worth the wait? Were you shocked or just confused? And finally, do you think this was the right move for the writers to make?

Make your case below.

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