Look like Jennifer Aniston in five easy steps

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Okay, so we may have exaggerated a tiny bit. These beauty tips won’t necessarily turn you into Jennifer Aniston 2.0, but they might help you capture some of her allure. The actress recently shared her beauty secrets with Redbook. Here are our five favorite tips from the interview:


5. Bouncy Hair
Though the Friends star has long been known for her trend-setting haircuts, she likes to keep her ‘do simple off-camera. Aniston tells Redbook that she uses her fingers to twist some shape into her hair. (See the complete method here.)

4. Bold Toes
Aniston says she prefers a natural hue for her finger nails, and a darker shade for her toes.

via thebeautystop.com

via thebeautystop.com

3. A Round Brush
A beauty must-have! Aniston says she uses a big, round brush to get into the “root and the crown” while blow drying her hair.

via  definehappyness.tumblr.com/

via definehappyness.tumblr.com/

2. Natural Tanning
Aniston says she gets her glow from the sun and a bit of body makeup. Don’t go rushing off to lay out on the beach though. The actress also reveals that sun exposure has damaged her skin. So instead of catching some rays, try picking up some body makeup.

1. Vaseline
Here’s something you may want to add to your bedtime beauty regiment: Vaseline. Aniston says she dabs it around her eyes at night. “It helps condition your lashes,” she tells the mag. (If you try this tip at home, be extra careful. You don’t want to end up irritating your eyes.)

You can read more at Redbook.

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