Editor’s Playlist: Bookish girl on ‘The X Factor’ wows judges

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You know how sometimes you hear a great song and you immediately want to share it with all your friends? That’s what inspired the Editor’s Playlist, a weekly feature that will strive to highlight up-and-coming artists or new tracks that we feel deserve a bigger platform. Of course, since this is PeoplesChoice.com, we want to hear from you too. Head to the comments to let us know which tracks you want to see on our playlist. Our editor’s will take a listen and if we hear potential, we’ll make sure to add your choice to the rotation.

We know we just featured a song from The X Factor in our most recent Editor’s Playlist—and we promise to mix it up going forward!—but we couldn’t help but share this surprising performance from last night’s show.

Don’t let the glasses fool you. This girl can sing. Watch below and you’ll understand why we just had to give her the spotlight.

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