‘Breaking Bad’ finale: We imagine 3 impossible scenes

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Breaking-Bad-515-recap_320x240All good things must come to an end, and this Sunday one very good, very gripping series will end its run. Of course we’re talking about Breaking Bad’s finale, which is wrapping up after five seasons this Sunday on AMC. There are plenty of spoiler-type stories out there, but we’d rather muse about three totally out-there, impossible things we’d love to see on this weekend’s final episode (but probably won’t):

1. Todd makes a move on Lydia, and in self defense, she stabs him with her Louboutins.

2. Saul changes his catchy slogan to “Better NOT Call Saul!”

3. Walt and Jesse reunite to hash out their differences at Los Pollos Hermanos — for old time’s sake.

Your turn! What other out-there scenes do you want to see?

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