Taylor Swift to star in ‘The Giver’: How 5 other singers went from music to movies

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The Weinstein Company announced today that pop princess Taylor Swift has nabbed a role in the long-awaited film adaptation of Lois Lowry’s 1993 book, The Giver. The cast includes some major bold-faced names, including Meryl Streep, Jeff Bridges and Alexander Skarsgard, but we can’t help but focus on Swift and her first big film role. (We’re not sure that cameo in Valentine’s Day counts.)

When it comes to switching over from song to silver screen, Swift’s not alone. Here are five other singers who became singers slash movie stars — some gracefully, others…less so:

Queen Bee is a super star in all respects. She sings, she dances, she’s pals with Michelle Obama, and with roles in Austin Powers: Goldmember, Dreamgirls and Obsessed, she’s proven she can act, too. Her most recent role was as the voice of Queen Tara in the animated film Epic.


Christina Aguilera
From pop star to Dirty girl to Voice judge, Xtina has gone through enough revolutions to make our heads spin. But her turn as Ali in the campy Burlesque? That’s one we’d rather forget.


Mariah Carey
Yes, we’re all aware of Glitter, but forget about that box office bomb and focus instead on her excellent performance as a social worker in Precious, also starring another singer-turned-actor (Lenny Kravitz).


Mandy Moore
When watching great movies like A Walk to Remember, License to Wed and Saved!, it’s hard to remember that Moore was once crooning about missing us like candy during her pop days. She’s one of the few singers-turned-actresses who actually seems more comfortable on the big screen.


Jennifer Hudson
Hudson made the leap from music to movies by way of TV (American Idol), so it’s no wonder she seems like a pro. She earned an Oscar for playing Effie in Dreamgirls and went on to roles in Sex and the City 2, The Secret Life of Bees and Winne Mandela.

Are you excited to see Swift on the big screen? Think she was the right choice for the film? Which other singers have successfully (or not so successfully) made the leap into movies?

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