Helen Fielding kills off Mr. Darcy in next Bridget Jones novel — why she’s right and wrong

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This weekend Bridget Jones fans were shocked to learn that their beloved character Darcy, played so fumblingly awkward by Colin Firth in two Hollywood films, has been killed off in the next Bridget book. Author Helen Fielding shared extracts from the new novel, Mad About the Boy, in the Sunday Times Magazine, and in it it’s revealed that Darcy, Bridget’s husband and father of her two children, died five years earlier.

Fans went wild over Twitter, eulogizing Darcy and going after Fielding for such a shocking twist, but we see both sides of the coin:

A case for: After two successful novels and an epic film adaptation — OK, maybe The Edge of Reason movie wasn’t so great — shouldn’t we give Fielding the benefit of the doubt? True, the connection between Bridget and Darcy was sweet, emotional and so well-matched, but we have faith that Fielding knows what she’s doing. We imagine his absence is going to further the story in some interesting ways because seriously, who is Bridget Jones if she’s not awkward and misguided?

A case against: Like we said, the connection between Bridget and Darcy was so well-matched! Fielding sent us on a long journey with these two, building the relationship little by little…only to leave us high and dry? The whole point of the first two novels was to forge their bond so you can understand how we’d feel a little cheated to hear that all that hard work was for a character to be killed off. Who is Bridget Jones without her Darcy?

What do you think about Fielding’s risky move? Are you excited to see the old Bridget back in action? Or are you already mourning the loss of Darcy?

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