‘Vampire Diaries’ premiere scoop: Damon and Elena heat up; Stefan grapples with his dark side

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The Vampire Diaries doesn’t return until tomorrow, but we’ve got some fittingly twisty teasers to help tie you over until the season 5 premiere. From a tortured Stefan (Paul Wesley) to a whole lot of Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena (Nina Dobrev), keep reading below to see what to expect from the terrific opener.

[Does] this season have a new vibe? — @lafoxm

We have to admit, we were a little wary about Vampire Diaries: The College years, but the premiere has eased all of our doubts. It manages to feel both fresh and familiar…and that’s no small feat! Also, who doesn’t love a little on campus drama?

Do Damon & Elena still have that friendship factor they did before? — @belugaswhale

Oh, they have so much more than that. Elena may be headed off to college, but when it comes to Damon, she’s pretty much a teenager in love. Translation? A lot of giggling and even more kissing (we’re talking in the bed, on the couch…you get the gist. )

How is it going to end between Matt and Rebekah??? — @lorycostagliola

Nevermind the ending! It’s the global romp that counts most when it comes to these two.

Is Katherine still on flirty mode? — @alexamealexa
She’s more in I’m-desperate-and-need-someone-to-save-me-mode, but yes, Katherine (Nina Dobrev) does manage to get her flirt on with both Damon and Stefan (aka Silas). To top it off, the puppy dog eyes have their desired effect on at least one of the guys. Any guesses?

Stefan and Elena scoop/a scoop on Stefan please — @tonkinshale

She may be with Damon, but Stefan still isn’t completely off Elena’s radar. The two even share a moment (though it’s a bit one-sided). As for what Stefan is up to sans his ex? He’s “adjusting” to his new, cozy underwater abode, obviously.

How much pain will we feel when we see Stefan? I NEED TO BE PREPARED. — @AllTheAwards4PW 

Poor Stefan just can’t catch a break. First he loses his girl (to his brother!), then he gets royally screwed by Silas. You’ll see him grapple with all these emotions. Vampires + feelings, the result is never good. How’s that for preparation?

Bonus scoop

Most used prop: Damon’s bathtub. More than one character enjoys a bubbly dip.

Favorite burgeoning bromance: Damon & Jeremy (Steven McQueen). It’s always nice to see Damon actually acting like an older brother.

Favorite college roommate: Caroline (Candice Accola). You won’t want to share a dorm with her, but you’ll definitely enjoy watching other people try.
The Vampire Diaries returns to the CW on Oct. 3 at 8 p.m.

UPDATED: Watch a just released clip of Damon and Elena enjoying some bubble bath action. Now, any guesses as to who else enjoys a sudsy bath in the episode?

What are your hopes for the new season? Leave your wishlist below.

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