Miley Cyrus’ ‘The Movement’: 8 things we learned

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Last night MTV premiered Miley: The Movement, a documentary about Miley Cyrus that coincides with plenty of other publicity as of late (see here and here). But unlike the rest of the fanfare, this documentary isn’t just about getting personal — we already know Miley is perfectly comfortable sharing intimate details — it’s about explaining her evolution, or as she calls it, her “movement.” In the doc, she talks about finally gaining artistic control, why she chopped off her hair and what that VMA performance was all about. Here, six things we learned from Miley: The Movement.

1. It may seem like Miley is just living in the moment, but she’s actually focused on the big picture. “If people could see the details, they would know that this isn’t just some mess. This is all thought out in my mind.”

2. Even though it’s now clear how much of an effect hip hop has had on her, Cyrus initially thought she would go the rock route in the vein of Paramore.

3. Think what you want of her, but between Hannah Montana, making films, writing music and ruling social media, it’s no secret that Cyrus is a hard worker — we just didn’t realize how driven she is. In the documentary, when momager Trish tells her that “We Can’t Stop” has climbed to number 2 on the iTunes charts, Cyrus flatly says. “If you’re not first, you’re last.”

4. She never wants to do movies again.

5. At one point Britney Spears’ asks her:  “You’re not going to go topless [for the VMAs], right?” Miley jokes (or at least we think she jokes): “I tried to go there, but I don’t think MTV is going to allow it,” she responded. “I’m like, what about nude latex?”

6. Cyrus does a pretty sick rendition of “Jolene.” In fact, it’s that very rendition that impressed producer Pharrell Williams and sealed the deal on their collaboration.

7. She spent the summer of 2012, living in Philadelphia and working on her album. Out of the public eye if even for a season, Cyrus was thrilled to be a “normal person.” Even picking up after her dog was fun.

8. That newsworthy haircut? It was Cyrus’ way of letting go of the past. “I felt like I could finally be the bad b–ch that I really am.” (Careful, Miley: Sinead O’Connor has some words of wisdom for you.)

Watch the full documentary below:

Did you watch Miley: The Movement? What did you think of the pop star’s honesty? Does it change your opinion about her?

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