Miley Cyrus on ‘SNL’: 4 moments you have to see

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Miley Cyrus has hosted and performed on Saturday Night Live before, but twerking-, tongue-wagging, foam finger-abusing Miley Cyrus? She finally got to make her debut on the show this Sunday — and she was actually really good. Armed with a sense of humor, a VMAs spoof and some serious singing chops, Cyrus hit a high note in her This is Who I Really Am campaign, which most recently includes this morning’s Today show interview. Here are 4 moments from the episode you have to see:

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1. We knew Miley had to spoof her much-talked-about VMAs performance, and she wasted no time. In the cold open, Kenan Thompson and Noel Wells played homeless people in the year 2045 discussing how the world ended not with the government shut down but with Cyrus’ VMA performance. Cyrus donned her now infamous bear onesie and Taran Killam nailed the Robin Thicke bravado.

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2. While we’re on the subject of spoofs and government shutdowns (a very popular topic on Saturday’s episode), Cyrus and the SNL team reworked the lyrics of “We Can’t Stop” into “We Did Stop (the Government),” featuring a scantily clad John Boehner (Killam) and Cyrus as a saucy Michele Bachmann. There’s some splashing around in the pool, John and Michele writhing in bed and Obama (Jay Pharoah) sulking in the background.

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3. In perhaps the biggest (and best) montage of SNL celebrity impressions ever, a sketch about the 50 Shades of Grey auditions brought out Jane Lynch (Kate McKinnon), Kristen Stewart (Wells) and Aziz Ansari (Nasim Pedrad, above).

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4. You might not like her outfits, rap skills or brutal honesty, but one thing’s for sure: Girl can sing. Her performance of “Wrecking Ball” was subdued, soulful and clear evidence that Cyrus has some musical chops on her. If that wans’t proof for you, she followed “Wrecking Ball” with an acoustic version of “We Won’t Stop.”

Watch the full episode below:

What did you think of Miley on Saturday Night Live? What was your favorite sketch?

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