‘Glee:’ Where should the show go from here?

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Still crying? We don’t blame you.

Last night, Glee bid farewell to quarterback Finn Hudson with an emotional episode honoring star Cory Monteith.

Following Monteith’s death in July, Glee creator Ryan Murphy said he planned to take some time after the tribute aired to figure out the future of the show. (The series picks up again on Nov. 11 with an episode that is reportedly titled “A Katy or Gaga.”)

So, where does Glee go from here? Or better yet, where should it go from here?

Monteith’s character was so deeply rooted in the fabric of the show, that it’s hard to imagine the series forging ahead without him. Yet, Glee is at heart a comedy. The characters can’t mourn Finn for weeks on end—not because his loss isn’t significant—but because it would ultimately be too emotionally exhausting for viewers. That being said, jumping right back into upbeat song and dance numbers without any mention of Finn seems a little ridiculous too.

Then of course, there’s the matter of Rachel (Lea Michele), Finn’s on-screen and Monteith’s off-screen girlfriend. Murphy has said that Michele made the call to resume the show after Monteith’s death because she thought it would be best for the cast and the crew to be together and talk about their memories of him.
On last night’s episode, Rachel described Finn as her “person.” Assuming the rest of the season focuses on Rachel finding her footing without Finn, at what point—if at all—is it okay to bring on a new love interest for her?

We already know the show must go on, now it’s just a matter of how it should. Tell us what you think in the comments.

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