‘Gossip Girl’ star Chace Crawford visits special needs school in China

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Even though Gossip Girl parted with its last xoxo last year, it looks like Golden Boy is still charming hearts worldwide. Chace Crawford recently made a visit to Special Education Center of Children’s Palace, a school for special needs children in Guangzhou, China, where he met with students during their choir and art classes. As a thank you, the children prepared songs and one even gifted Crawford with a piece of artwork.

The celebrity-charity visit routine can sometimes seem forced, fake and maybe a little disingenuous when done so close to a movie premiere, album release or TV debut, but from what we gather, the only thing Crawford has going on is a role in the indie film Undrafted. It looks like this visit came right from Golden’s Boy’s heart.

That said, we’re pretty sure some of the students wouldn’t have minded Blake Lively tagging along, too. But OK fine, we’ll settle for one dreamboat.

See more pictures here.

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