Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga release new tracks — Match the lyrics!

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It’s a triple-header kind of morning: Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, and Lady Gaga all released new singles today. Both Bieber and Gaga unveiled new tracks off their respective upcoming albums, while Swift introduced the song she penned for the upcoming biopic, One Chance, about a British store clerk who found fame after appearing on Britain’s Got Talent. While each track is unique in its own way, can you match the lyrics to the songs out of context?

Match the lyrics to the artists:

1.) Write what you want/ Say what you want/ If you’re wondering/ Know that I’m not sorry

2.) And when they call your name/ And they put your picture in a frame/ You know that I’ll be there time and again/ ‘Cause I loved you when

3.) I’m a fan and you’re the rock star/ Making it hard on me/ Visualize a monster/ ‘Cause you’re too bad for me/ Shot that arrow, I’m hit/ Need you right near me

4.) When you hit the ground, hit the ground, hit the ground, oh oh/ Only sound, only sound that you heard was “no”/ Now in this perfect weather/ It’s like we don’t remember/ The rain we thought would last forever and ever

5.) Early morning, longer nights/ Tom Ford, private flights/ Crazy schedule, fast life/ I wouldn’t trade it in/ Cause it’s our life

6.) Got me tossing, turning into bed/ The places where I rather be instead/ You don’t know your strength/ Missing you is like adrenaline

Listen to the full tracks below and then see how many answers you got right.

“Sweeter Than Fiction” by Taylor Swift

“Hold Tight” by Justin Bieber

“Do What U Want” by Lady Gaga featuring R. Kelly

ANSWERS: 1.) Gaga 2.) Swift 3.) Bieber 4.) Swift 5.) Gaga 6.) Bieber

What do you think of the new singles? Which one is your favorite?

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