The silliest moments from the Favorite Dramatic Movie Actor pre-nominees — WATCH

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The People’s Choice pre-nominees for Favorite Dramatic Movie Actor range from a Star Wars hero to a closeted cowboy, and even though the actors  are famous for getting the waterworks flowing and our heartbeats racing, they also know how to crack a joke and make fun of themselves!

Take a look at the nominees and their silliest of pop culture moments:

Channing Tatum: The White House Down and Magic Mike star has proven that he has drama skills to match those Step Up dancing skills, but who knew he had the skills to play a teeny-bopper?

Chris Hemsworth: Given his resume (Thor, Rush, and The Avengers), we’d think the Aussie would be a super serious guy. But as evidenced in this funny interview with comedian Daniele Rizzo, as part of his Thor 2 press tour, Hemsworth proves he knows his way around a good prank.

Forest Whitaker: No, Whitaker doesn’t actually star in this clip, but can you think of a sillier Forest Whitaker moment than Key & Peele‘s sketch about baby Whitaker?

George Clooney: We’re all well-aware of Clooney’s serious acting chops, but every now and then, we love looking back at his humble—and dorky—beginnings on the 80’s sitcom The Facts of Life. (Clooney enters at the 4:11 mark.)

Harrison Ford, Hugh Jackman, and more after the jump!

Harrison Ford: A war-waging Ford + Chewbacca on Jimmy Kimmel Live! = hilarity for the rest of your day.

Hugh Jackman: There are few things funnier than seeing a Saturday Night Live cast member impersonate a celeb—except maybe the cast member doing the impersonation in front of the celebrity. Take a look at this clip, in which Andy Samberg plays a very Wolverine-era Jackman alongside Harry Potter (Jackman).

Jake Gyllenhaal: Gyllenhaal got his start on the set of Billy Crystal’s comedy, City Slickers. While this clip isn’t necessarily hilarious or silly, how can you argue with a young, adorable Jake Gyllenhaal? (He appears at the 1:20 mark.)

Leonardo DiCaprio: Leo frequently collaborates with the likes of Martin Scorcese and Kate Winslet, but one of Hollywood’s best dramatic actors got his start on an innocent family-friendly sitcom called Growing Pains, playing a homeless boy named Luke. Take a look!

Matthew McConaughey: Tropic Thunder is full of cracks on Hollywood and celebrity culture, but McConaughey steals the show as Ben Stiller’s well-coiffed, Wii-playing agent.

Ryan Gosling: Before he was struggling with marriage in Blue Valentine and giving us moody glances in Drive, Gosling was a fumbling, awkward, and geeky teen on the short-lived series, Breaker High. Check it out!

Tobey Maguire: Spidey’s got some humor to him! In this clip from Saturday Night Live, the actor plays Keanu Reeves on Jeopardy.

Tom Hanks: Frankly, there were too many hilarious Hanks clips to choose from. There’s of course his slam poetry reading about Full House, and his Night at the Roxbury sketch on Saturday Night Live, but we’re partial to this Jimmy Kimmel Live!Toddlers & Tiaras spoof.

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