20 best pop culture-themed Halloween costumes

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Who needs witches and vampires? Pop culture is practically bursting with Halloween costume ideas inspired by everything From TV and film characters to buzzy VMA performances. We’ve already given you a few Halloween how-tos, but here’s a look at the most inventive, spot-on and hilarious outfits. Take a look:


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A lot of people may want to dress as Miley Cyrus in 2013, but last year, the Bangerz singer donned her biggest wig and most print-happy body suit to impersonate Nicki Minaj. (Update: Miley decided to channel yet another hip-hop diva for Halloween this year: Lil Kim. The Bangerz singer donned a purple wig and sequined body suit to recreate Lil Kim’s revealing 1999 VMA ensemble. See the NSFW photo here.)


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Another popular character choice for this year? Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games trilogy. These three women covered their Katness bases with three different looks, Games Katniss, Reaping Katniss, and “It’s cold during the Games” Katniss.


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Jessica Alba knows that the family that trick-or-treats together stays together.


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We can’t decide what’s more amazing: this Will Smith lookalike’s uncannily accurate Fresh Prince pants or Carlton’s spot-on dance moves.

Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Game of Thrones and more after the jump!


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Inspired by the MTV series, Daria, Katy Perry and best friend Shannon Woodward channel Jane Lane and Daria Morgendorfer, respectively.


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Derek Zoolander, is that Blue Steel, or do you have anything new for us?


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This family exemplifies commitment in every sense of the word with their spot-on depiction of characters from Labyrinth.


Via People

It’s all in the family! Last year, actress Emma Roberts dressed as her aunt Julia in Pretty Woman.


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Those bling glasses, Pauly D’s headphones, The Situation’s towel — this group has all the Jerey Shore details down.


Via Starcasm

In another spin on The Jersey Shore, Kelly dressed Snooki and Ryan, as Justin Bieber in The Office‘s 2010 Halloween episode.


Via College Lifestyles

These women cover every part of the Britney Spears’ rainbow, from python-accessorized VMA performance to “Toxic” flight attendant.


Via Instalebrity

Ryan Seacrest and then-girlfriend Julianne Hough got her pups in on the Bonnie and Clyde action.


Via Auburn Soul Photography

If you’re searching for the most adorable Halloween costume, look no further than this Up-inspired outfit.


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The South Park gang’s all here: Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny!


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Beard? Check. Handbag? Check. Baby in sling wearing aviator sunglasses? Check. This Hangover costume is complete.


Via Pop Sugar

Nina Dobrev does her best impression of Hermione, with Ron and Harry Potter in tow.

IMG_1461.JPG (2)

Via Dixie of All Trades

This crafty mom created the entire Taylor Swift look for just $10! Bonus points for her nearly identical glitter guitar.


Via List Top Tens

It’s not easy to dress like the characters from your favorite fantasy series, but this group, dressed as characters from Game of Thrones, makes it look easy.


Via Lauren Conrad

This blogger DIY’ed her Carrie Bradshaw costume–iconic tutu and all.

Screen shot 2013-10-24 at 12.04.15 PM

Via Uproxx

In honor of the Breaking Bads end, why not dress your kids up as baby Walt and toddler Jesse? (Or, see this post, for tips on how to create Breaking Bad looks for yourself this Halloween.)

Which of these are your favorite? And who (or what?) will you be dressing as for Halloween?

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