Top 10 TV bromances of all time: Which is your favorite?

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They’re inseparable, supportive, and in love with each other — just a couple of dudes with a deep friendship we call a “bromance.” Voting has launched for this year’s People’s Choice Favorite TV Bromance, and to get in the spirit, we’re taking a look at the top 10 TV bromances of all time. The gang’s all here, from Seinfeld and Scrubs to Friends and Family Guy. Check it out:


Jerry and George (Seinfeld): Friends since high school, these two epitomize long-term bromance. They frequently vented about their problems over coffee, spent time with the others’ parents, and had a weird, neurotic, childish bond that even Elaine and Kramer couldn’t duplicate.

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Dwight and Michael (The Office): The former idolized him and the latter secretly loved it, but their relationship wasn’t merely one of devoted and devotee. These frequent (mis)adventure buddies seemed to be the only ones on the same wavelength in Scranton. Even poor Andy couldn’t join their party.

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Chandler and Joey (Friends): While Ross was busy with an ex-wife, baby Ben, and a paleontology gig he geeked out over, Chandler and Joey bonded over crummy jobs, dating woes, and life as roomies. They even had a chick and a duck as pets!


Corey and Shawn (Boy Meets World): Girls come and go, but these two showed us that when opposites complement each other this well, a bromance is cemented. (Sorry, Topanga.)


Danny and Joey (Full House): While Uncle Jesse was certainly one of the guys,  Danny and Joey had a bond all their own, dating back to grade school. And do we even need to mention the fact that Joey helped him raise three girls in that house?


J.D. and Turk (Scrubs): As the goofy, weird daydreamers that they were, we frequently had to remind ourselves that Turk (Chocolate Bear) and J.D. (Vanilla Bear) were, you know, doctors.


Seth and Ryan (The O.C.): Seth gave Ryan the gift of brotherhood, friendship, and family. And Ryan gave Seth the gift of girl advice, and video game companionship (and sometimes even a bodyguard from angry water polo players!).


Tracy and Kenneth (30 Rock): Sure, Kenneth basically waited on Tracy hand and foot, but you can’t deny that the star had a soft spot for the NBC paige. Who else would deliver him waffles in a pizza box?


Tim and Al (Home Improvement): Tim had no problem ragging on Al, but Al was always poised to keep Tim’s ego in check. Together they were the definition of opposites attract.


Brian and Stewie (Family Guy): They like to make us think they hate each other, but we’re pretty sure that behind the housebreaking jokes, diaper gags, and all-around antagonism, there’s a whole lot of love between these two.

Be sure to vote in our Favorite TV Bromance poll and tune into CBS on Wednesday, Jan. 8 to see who’ll take home the People’s Choice Award!

What’s your favorite all-time TV bromance? Who will you be voting for this year?

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