Justin Timberlake romances Elvis’ granddaughter in ‘TKO’ video — WATCH

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Justin Timberlake has wooed everyone from Britney Spears and Cameron Diaz to his current wife and lady love Jessica Biel, so it’s no surprise that for the video for “TKO,” off his 20/20 Experience — 2 Of 2 album, he managed to reel in model, actress, and granddaughter to Elvis Presley, Riley Keough.

In the slick, film noire-style video short film (it’s 7 minutes and 9 seconds!) co-written by JT and director Ryan Reichenfeld, the two alternate between warm, fuzzy feelings and cold, distant antagonism that seems eerily reminiscent of the singer’s “Cry Me a River” video — minus the jilted-from-Britney vibe. In “TKO” Timberlake and Keough play lovebirds around the kitchen where everything seems swell, except for the fact that Keough is actually trying to off Timberlake by tying him to the back of her car and speeding away while heading for a cliff.

Check out the video below:

What do you think of Justin’s latest? Do you sense the “Cry Me a River” vibe, too?

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