5 last-minute Halloween costumes inspired by Hollywood

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Whether you got the days mixed up or totally slacked this season, you might be facing a costume-less Halloween this year. Well, there’s no greater tragedy in life than not being ready for Halloween, so we’re here to help with some easy ideas inspired by Hollywood. We’ve got two 80’s icons, a Quentin Tarantino heroine, a book cover (yep) and more.

Check it out:


Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction: The most integral piece of this outfit is the black bob, so either work with what you got or pick up a wig from your local costume shop (trim as needed!). Once the hair is in place, pair a white blouse with black leggings and finish with a dramatic red lipstick.


Tom Cruise in Risky Business: You probably have a button-down shirt and you definitely have two legs, so grab a pair of sunglasses–wayfarers would be most accurate–and prance around in white tube socks to channel Tom Cruise and that epic dance sequence. We do, however, recommend wearing shorts underneath that shirt.

Costumes inspired by Flashdance, Fifty Shades of Grey and more after the jump:


Jennifer Beals in Flashdance: Take an old sweatshirt (or even a plain grey tee) and cut a big hole for the neck so you can mimic the off-the-shoulder 80’s look. Pair it with leggings, heels and a curly ‘do (or wig). Dance like a maniac, maaaniac, and you’re done!


Daft Punk: If you have a bicycle, this one should be pretty easy for you. Wear a suit–or frankly anything–so long as you wear a helmet of some sort. Get fully into character by saying nothing and playing techno music from mini speakers.


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Fifty Shades of Grey (literally): Head to a nearby hardware or paint store and ask for as many grey family color swatches as they have. Attach the swatches with tape to a grey T-shirt, and you’ll probably have one of the most clever costumes of the night.

What will you be dressing as this Halloween?

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