Favorite On-Screen Chemistry: What defines a ‘shipper’?

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shipper (n.):  a person who wants two characters to get together and/or shows support for two characters already together.

Books, movies, television–there’s no limit to the type of entertainment shippers devote themselves to. Some wanted Ross and Rachel to date, other shippers waited for Harry and Hermione to pair up and of course others still were pining for Chuck and Blair to make it official.

Tomorrow we’ll finally reveal which pre-nominees made the People’s Choice Awards ballot for Favorite On-Screen Chemistry, but before that, it’s worth knowing what truly defines a shipper. What makes him/her so passionate about two characters?

First it starts with a dedication to the series. Shippers are so intimately acquainted with a show’s character set that they feel as though they have a right to play matchmaker. They know who meshes well together and who should remain friends. These are the people who always knew Rachel and Ross were a much better pairing than, say, Ross and Julie, or worse, Rachel and Paolo on Friends.

But shippers also have to stay upbeat even after the deed has been done. Often the build-up is the best part of being a shipper. Anxiously waiting for a couple to kiss or at least realize their friendship has become something more is what these shippers watch for. Once that moment has arrived, a true shipper keeps their eyes on a prize. After all, two characters can always have a falling out. (“We were on a break!”)

Do you consider yourself a shipper? Which pop culture couple turned you into a shipper? And which couple have you fought the hardest for? Tune in tomorrow to find out which TV couples picked up nominations for Favorite On-Screen Chemistry!

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