The 10 best TV gal pals of all time: Who’s your favorite?

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Sure, bromances are a hallmark of TV, but judging by the modern-day TV landscape, it’s all about the females these days (see: Homeland, 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation among others). Today we take a look at the 10 best TV gal pals of all time, including everyone from the Sex and the City quartet to the legendary Mary and Rhoda. And don’t forget: You can vote for your Favorite TV gal pal for the 40th annual People’s Choice Awards right here.

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Photo credit:   Tom Kingston/WireImage

Photo credit:
Tom Kingston/WireImage

Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte (Sex and the City): On the surface, the famous foursome talked boys, clothes, frenemies and New York City. But if you look passed the Manolos, you knew that their bond was rooted in something much deeper, namely the power of female friendships and an honesty unheard of at the time.


Photo credit: NBC

Monica, Rachel and Phoebe (Friends): True, this was a show about a whole group of friends, but the writers always saved hilarious and moving scenes just for Monica, Rachel and Phoebe–whether they were ogling George Stephanopoulos from across the street or celebrating Rachel’s baby news during Monica and Chandler’s wedding.

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Photo credit: ABC

Photo credit: ABC

Laverne and Shirley (Laverne & Shirley): They were just a couple of gals, living together (in Milwaukee), working together (at a brewery) and going through life’s ups and downs as a team. Laverne was the sarcastic one, Shirley was the plucky optimistic one and together they became one of pop culture’s most definitive female friendships.


Rory and Lorelai (Gilmore Girls): We sometimes had to remind ourselves that this witty, quick-talking duo wasn’t made up of two girlfriends but a mother and daughter. Snaps to them for creating a rich, layered relationship that went beyond the family tree.


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Blanche, Dorothy, Sophia and Rose (The Golden Girls): “Thank you being a friend!” says the opening credits of this 80’s sitcom, which featured four diverse and sassy seniors who were never afraid to bite their tongues. The men came and went, but the friendship (and many cheesecakes) always remained.


Daria and Jane (Daria): These two high schoolers probably wouldn’t love the phrase “gal pals,” but that still doesn’t diminish the rad friendship they shared. Together they hated on their dimwitted classmates, rejected establishment and most of all, made it totally awesome to be the outsiders.

Photo credit: Touchstone

Photo credit: Touchstone

Blossom and Six (Blossom): It was only fitting that a floppy-hat loving 90’s girl named Blossom would have a best friend named Six. They faced everything from the typical high school dramatics to heavier subjects like, pregnancy and alcoholism.

Photo credit: CBS

Photo credit: CBS

Mary and Rhoda (The Mary Tyler Moore Show): Before people wondered if you were a “Carrie”, “Samantha”, “Charlotte” or “Miranda”, they were asking if you were a “Mary” or a Rhoda.” The dynamic duo from the hit 70’s series portrayed perhaps the most realistic of all friendships on TV. As Valerie Harper (Rhoda) said on Oprah, “That really was how girlfriends are and that your best girlfriend could be really jealous of your hip measurement, as I was of Mary’s, but really be there for her.”


Summer and Marissa (The O.C.): Their storylines often involved Seth (for Summer) and Ryan (for Marissa), but at the core of the show was the girl’s long-lasting friendship. Marissa and “Sum” had been buddies since the second grade and since then had developed a bond that outlasted high school dramatics, alcohol issues, and hospital visits.

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Lucy and Ethel (I Love Lucy): You can’t talk about gal pals without mentioning the ones who started them all. Wisecracking duo Lucy and Ethel brought to life one of TV’s first female friendships and paved the way for today’s leading ladies. They had heart, honesty and a fierce dedication to one another. Oh, and we can never look at an assembly line the same way again.

Who’s your favorite gal pal of all time?

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