People’s Choice Awards: How to vote for nominees on Twitter

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It’s been less than a week since the finalists for The People’s Choice Awards were announced, and already the votes are pouring in.

Some fans have cast their vote on our site, others through Facebook, and still others on Twitter… well, at least they’ve tried to vote on Twitter.

We’ve gotten a lot of questions about how to make your Twitter votes count. Here are some answers that we hope will help:

Q1: How do I vote on Twitter?
PCA: In order to make your tweet count as a vote, you have to include the name of the nominee you’re voting for, the hashtag for the category they’re competing in (so, for example, #cabletvcomedy, or #tvbromance), and the hashtag #peopleschoice. To make things easier, we’ve even compiled a list of the words and hashtags you need to include for each nominee here. Go ahead and copy/paste, you know you want to.

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Q2: I just voted on Twitter but I forgot to include the category hashtag. Does my vote still count?
PCA: No. You have to include all three items mentioned in Q1 — the nominee, the category hashtag, and the #peopleschoice hashtag — for your vote to count.

Q3: Are there any other ways to vote on Twitter?
PCA: Yes! When you vote on you’ll see an option to “Tweet Your Vote.” Click that and your vote will automatically be dispersed into the Twitter-sphere. You can also tweet your vote directly from our Facebook voting app.

Q4: If I retweet someone who voted on Twitter, does that count as another vote?
PCA: Yes! But make sure whoever you’re retweeting included all the appropriate tags (see Q1 & Q2).

Q5: I voted via Twitter but I accidentally misspelled my favorite actor’s name — will the vote still count?
PCA: The vote will still count, just make sure to include all the appropriate tags (see Q1 for a refresher).

Q6: If I live outside of the United States, does my Twitter vote still count?
PCA: Yep! We don’t have borders on voting. If you live outside of the United States, your votes — whether you choose to cast them on our site, via Facebook or Twitter — will all count.

UPDATE 11/12/13: We answer more questions from fans about how to vote via Twitter.

Q: Does the vote count if you add pictures with your vote. — Stephanie
PCA: Yes. Your vote will still count if you decide to add photos or videos to your tweet.

Q: If I change the order the hashtags are in – does it still count as a vote? — Kat
PCA: No. You have to make sure the tags are in the right order (nominee name + category hashtag + #peopleschoice). We’ve compiled all the tags here to make things easier for you.

Q: If I add other text in between the required hashtags – does it still count as a vote? — Kat
PCA: No. The tags must be adjacent to each other.

Q: Can you vote for more than one category in each tweet so long as you include both names & categories along with #PeoplesChoice ?? — AngieRedding
PCA: You can vote for more than one category in one tweet, just make sure you have all the correct tags (and that they’re in the right order too!). Here’s an example tweet: “I just voted for [Insert Nominee] #scifitv and [Insert Nominee] #favoritefemaleartist #peopleschoice.”

Q: If I tweet with the hashtag #bromance instead of #tvbromance will my vote still be counted? — Sophia
PCA: No. The category has to be noted correctly for the vote to count.

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