‘What Would I Say’ Goes Viral on Facebook; Our Statuses for Katy Perry, Eminem and More

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Unless your Facebook account has come down with a debilitating case of the cyber flu, you’ve probably noticed a number of your friends using the popular “What would I say” app to update their statuses. So what exactly is this new app? Created by a group of Princeton grad students, “What would I say” generates status updates for users by running old statuses through a bot. Personally, I’ve never attempted the mysterious enigma known as “What would I say” because robots, much like broken staplers, both frighten and confuse me. I decided to face my fear and dip a toe in the popular side of the pool by testing out the new app. You can do the same right here. Here are my results:

“I would be detrimental to all”

Okay. Not a great start, but sadly accurate.

“For fans of creativity. Everybody is integral to the ever patient passengers of the Oregon Trail…”

Is that a poem? Robot me is way better at poetry than human being me.

“I’m sorry. Let’s get married”


You get the idea. We had such a great time with this app we decided to give you our best guess at what we believe the “What would I say” app would produce for some of our favorite celebrities. Let’s take a look!

1. Taylor Swift

“Have you ever thought just maybe, all the boys belong to sparkling me? La la la words that rhyme with drama.”

A possible new hit single?

2. Anna Kendrick

” I will not marry you pretzel LeBron James”

Well that’s a shame. We really thought Anna and pretzel LeBron James had a real bright future together.

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3. Katy Perry

“I kissed a tiger and you’re going to hear my emoji roar. How I Met Your oh brother.”

Kudos, K-Perr! Not many people kiss a tiger and live to tell the tale.

4. Eminem

“Fire Marshall Mathers extinguishes rhymes for pennies on a dime. Melts in your mouth? Your head’s in the sand.”

Is robot Eminem subtly challenging human Eminem to a rap off? Eminem, Mekhi Phifer and Wall-E star in 8 Mile 2: Rap of the Robots. Rated G.

5. Jennifer Lawrence

“Don’t trip over my awesomeness, Hollywood”

Huh. Even robot Jennifer Lawrence rules.

6. Dwayne Johnson

“Running to Christmas tree because I’m fast and curious.”

Once robots master puns world domination can’t be too far behind.

7. Tina Fey

“What the what? I will breakfast all the blarghs!”

Who among us wouldn’t breakfast a blargh?

8. James Franco

“In the time it took you to hit return I obtained a Landscape Architecture degree from Tulane University.”

Of course robot James Franco is an overachiever.

Have you tried “What would I say”?

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