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One of our most intensely debated topics for The People’s Choice Awards is our “Favorite On-Screen Chemistry” category. Trust us, we know how you feel. From Ross and Rachel to Rory and Jess to Joey and Pacey, we’ve been shipping since the Niña, Pinta and that loveable scamp Santa María sailed the ocean blue. While it makes sense to want our favorite on-screen couples to find their happily-ever-after in our favorite movies and television shows, it’s become common practice for our fandom to shift into real life as well. The question is: why?

According to my old high school chemistry notebook, chemistry is defined as “The Foo Fighters Rule.”

Blerg. My high school chemistry teacher was right, I DO NEED CHEMISTRY IN REAL LIFE. You win this round, Mr. Zerbe.

The truth is that chemistry, when it relates to people, is tough to predict, difficult to fake and impossible to have with everybody.

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Okay, if you can banter with the intellectual whimsy of a handsome dictionary and have the kind of abs you only see in Greek myths, then perhaps it’s possible to have chemistry with just about anyone. But there’s chemistry and then there’s Chemistry with a capital C. If you want an example of capital C Chemistry, look no further than Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. The mere possibility of a real life romantic reconciliation between the former co-stars has led to an internet maelstrom. So why do we care so much? Well, it may have something to do with this sterling example of Chemistry in action.

Excuse us while we break open our “in case of Chemistry emergency” dictionary: Yowza!

So why exactly do we root for our favorite on-screen couples to ride off into the real life sunset together? Is it because we feel such a powerful connection to the source material? Are we enchanted by their playfully crisp banter and puppy dog glances? Do we just want to see our favorite celebrities find love? Or do we just want to believe that happily ever after isn’t necessarily confined to our television sets? Let’s find out. Tell us below which celebrity couple you ship (Ryan and Rachel? Rpatz and Kristen?), and perhaps more importantly why you ship them.

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