5 Thanksgiving Recipes We Learned from ‘Friends,’ ‘New Girl’ and More

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Thanksgiving is a time to reflect and give thanks. We’re thankful for all the classics: family, friends, Google, good health, but we’re also thankful for pop culture. Allow us to share these five pop culture Thanksgiving recipes with you in the hopes of making your Thanksgiving day just a little less stressful.

Bon Appétit!

1. Friends Recipe:  How to make Rachel’s trifle.
First you add a layer of ladyfingers, a little custard and an additional layer of jam. Next you toss in a few raspberries and more ladyfingers. Sounds good, right? Next you sprinkle in some beef sauteed with peas and onions, a bit more custard and then top it all off with some bananas and whipped cream. Congratulations! You just created Rachel’s trifle.

What we learned: Not to consume any desserts that include beef. The pages of Rachel’s cookbook were stuck together so “Rachel’s trifle” recipe is half English trifle, half shepherd’s pie and 100% disgusting. We only recommend this dish for truly ardent fans of both Friends and upset stomachs.

NEXT: How I Met Your Mother’s “turturkeykey” and more….

2. New Girl Recipe: How to utilize a dryer to unconventionally thaw a turkey (aka don’t try this at home).

A lot of cookbooks and successful professional types who own melon ballers will teach you conventional turkey thawing methods, but New Girl likes to zig when the culinary experts zag. First, place your turkey in the drier. Next, turn your drier on. Allow 30-45 minutes for hijinks to ensue and voilà! You’re done… because your turkey is on fire and tastes like a piping hot sweat sock.

What we learned: Two very important Thanksgiving tips you can apply to your everyday life:  Do not make a turtle face  and don’t stick a turkey, or really food of any nature, into a dryer.


3. How I Met Your Mother Recipe: How to cook a “turturkeykey.”

Instead of filling a turkey with stuffing, you use a shoehorn to fill your turkey with… a slightly smaller turkey. Presto, you just made your first “turturkeykey.”

What we learned: Just because you can make a “turturkeykey” doesn’t mean that you should make a “turturkeykey.” According to “turturkeykey” innovator Ted Mosby, his inventive Thanksgiving creation tasted “wrong.”


4. The O.C. Recipe: How to juggle two Thanksgiving dates AND make a delectable dessert dish.

Let’s skip the entree for now and dive straight into dessert. During The O.C. Thanksgiving episode resident comic book geek and burgeoning lothario Seth Cohen learns how to make something called a Sweet Potato Bake from his always trenchant and often plucky date, Anna Stern. Since cooking gave way to hormones we don’t know the exact recipe, but we do know that it involves sweet potatoes, mini marshmallows and Corn Flakes.

What we learned: If attempting to seduce multiple partners this Thanksgiving, it’s probably best that you don’t utilize the rarely effective combination of Jenga and plastic horses.


Unfortunately, both the relationships and the dinner were ruined.

5. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Recipe: How to piece together a last minute Thanksgiving feast.

Did a bunch of your blockhead friends decide to intrude upon your Thanksgiving feast at the last minute? Well you’re in luck. Give your uninvited guests the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving meal they deserve: Two slices of buttered toast, a handful of popcorn, some pretzel sticks, jellybeans and a little bit of jello with whipped cream and a cherry on top.

What we learned: Calling someone a blockhead is both hurtful and hilarious, and never, under any circumstances, attempt to kick a football that an opinionated, strong-willed little girl promises to hold.

What’s your favorite pop culture Thanksgiving recipe?

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