Leave it to Jennifer Lawrence to Charm Jon Stewart — VIDEO

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If you watch only one Jennifer Lawrence interview today, we humbly recommend you choose her delightful appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Lawrence’s visit, her last on a seemingly never-ending stream of promotional appearances for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, seemed more like a spontaneous chit-chat between two friends than your standard connect-the-dots promotional interview. From J-Law sanitizing Stewart’s desk to jovially referring to herself as “the Queen of England,” the interview was anything but predictable. “Your producers and everyone involved in this show tell everyone ‘he’s not going to know a lot about the movie or a lot about you,'” Lawrence confessed to Stewart. “You guys are probably just going to talk.”

Stewart’s informal yet immensely entertaining style was a breath of fresh air in comparison to the traditionally conservative, structured interview format. After Stewart promotes Catching Fire by stating both the accurate name of the movie AND the correct opening date he peeks over at Lawrence and playfully remarks, “I knew that.” “I knew it too,” retorted Lawrence. “It’s written right there,” as she references Stewart’s teleprompter.

Watch Laurence’s entire Daily Show interview below!

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