10 Movies to Watch on Thanksgiving Night

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You’ve had your second, third and fourth servings of turkey, resolved a political argument between your conservative aunt and democratic cousin and scored a touchdown in your “just a tad too zealous” family football game. Thanksgiving 2013 has officially been a success; a Thanksgiving for the family record book — which is what your ultra competitive family refers to as a photo album. It’s time to relax with a Thanksgiving night movie, but what to watch? We compiled a list of old classics, new favorites and a few cinematic treasures as synonymous with Thanksgiving as turkey and feuding in-laws that the entire family can enjoy.

1. Home Alone

There’s no better way to ease into the Christmas spirit than by enjoying the heroic antics of a child continually outsmarting two comically dimwitted criminals.  Plus, after spending the day with your entire family, who among us, hasn’t had the very same wish as young Kevin McCallister?

2. E.T.

Put on your red hoodie, break out the Reese’s Pieces, and relive the nostalgia while introducing the next generation of “phone home fanatics” in your family to the delightful cinematic magic of E.T.

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3. The Muppet Movie

Are you in the market for some much needed tranquility after a hectic turkey day? Someday you’ll find it, the lovers, the dreamers and you — while watching this classic, heartwarming movie.

4. Pitch Perfect

If you’re looking for a new Thanksgiving night movie that the whole family will enjoy, we have the perfect movie for you; the Pitch Perfect movie. While on the surface this Anna Kendrick future classic may appear to skew towards a younger, female audience, this movie has been rated awesomely suitable for people of all genders aged 8-888.

5. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

After a long day of fun, food and family you may find yourself in full-on “Captain pajama nap mode.” You want to watch a feel-good film you can enjoy while your brain slowly drifts into auto pilot. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is the perfect movie for the family to gather around and collectively fall asleep to.

6. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

An excellent Thanksgiving day choice, but I’d be careful with younger viewers. My sister had nightmares about turning into a blueberry for weeks after her first viewing. She’s a very panicky 22-year-old.

7. Planes, Trains and Automobiles

No Thanksgiving movie list would be complete without mentioning this 80s odd couple, road trip classic starring comedic heavyweights Steve Martin and John Candy.

8. Safety Not Guaranteed

Begin a new Thanksgiving tradition by adding the 2012 indie darling Safety Not Guaranteed to your post-gobble-gobble movie list. Starring Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza, New Girl funnyman Jake Johnson and The League’s Mark Duplass, this quirky tale of a time traveling outcast looking for a partner to go back in time with will make the perfect compliment to your Thanksgiving meal. Guaranteed.

9. Mean Girls

For a more fetch way to end Thanksgiving 2013, look no further than this Tina Fey penned, 2004 classic starring a pre-Notebook Rachel McAdams and Lindsay Lohan at the apex of Lohan-ity.

10. The Mighty Ducks

If you really want to hammer home the movie’s theme that “Ducks stick together” you’ll also watch the Mighty Ducks 2 and 3 while you and your family form a “Flying-V” and incessantly quack like there’s no tomorrow. If your neighbors complain about the noise, invite them to partake in the quacking! They’re obviously just jealous of all the fun!

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving Day movie?

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