‘Hunger Games’ Catches Box Office Fire, Giada de Laurentiis slices finger during Thanksgiving special, and more…

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Happy Monday! Celebrate Thanksgiving eve-eve-eve with a morning jolt of pop-java. We have Hunger Games: Catching Fire news, a Miley Cyrus birthday and a whole lot of American Music Awards adoration for Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake. All that and more in today’s headlines!

Here are 6 entertainment headlines to start your day:

1. Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake were the big winners at this year’s American Music Awards! Swift and Timberlake each took home three awards while Rihanna was honored with the first ever Icon Award (which was presented by her mother!). [The Hollywood Gossip]

2. This isn’t a Hunger Game, it’s a Hunger Business, said a Hollywood executive moments before taking a morning swim in a secret money pit… probably. Hunger Games: Catching Fire set the box office on fire* with highest grossing November opening of all time by taking in an estimated 161 million dollars this weekend. While impressive, the Jennifer Lawrence sequel was just shy of surpassing Iron Man 3 ($174 million) for the biggest box office opening of the year. [BBC News]

* sorry

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3. Still recovering from the excitement of the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who? Relive all the nostalgia of the regenerating, time-space-traveling Time Lord with this comprehensive mythology of all the Doctors.

4. FAMILY GUY ***SPOILER ALERT*** This is not a drill. In animated death news, Brian, the lovably astute Griffin family pet has died in a television shocker. You can watch a tribute to the beloved character over at Entertainment Weekly. [EW]

5. In ouch news, Giada De Laurentiis sliced her finger off during a live Food Network Thanksgiving special over the weekend. The consummate, culinary pro returned to the kitchen after receiving a few stitches to repair the deep cut. [E]

6. And finally, happy belated 21st birthday to Miley Cyrus! We bought you this headline! We hope you like it.

What’s your favorite morning headline?

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