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We all have our Thanksgiving traditions. Growing up I eagerly anticipated Turkey Day. You see, I was the youngest member of my family which means I was permanently regulated to the kids’ table. Each year I gazed upon the adult table with the zeal of a starving cartoon character who’s so hungry that their enemy turns into a hallucination of a hamburger. They would laugh their hardy, bellowing adult laughs as mashed potatoes were tossed around the kids’ table with reckless abandon. Every year I would hear the same thing: you can sit at the adults’ table next year. Every year became next year as the new running joke of my family became my perpetual place at the head of the kids’ table.

But here’s what I realized: The kids’ table is AMAZING. Why would I want to waste my time talking about rare coins and ceiling fans — which is what I imagine adults talk about at Thanksgiving — when I could be a big fish in a rules free pond? As leader of the new renegade “kidz'” table I started a few new traditions. Each year after our annual mashed potato eating contest (5 time champion!), we play monopoly and follow it up with a second helping of dessert while we watch Home Alone. The best part? Kids are awful at Monopoly! It’s like they don’t even understand the rudimentary principals of conventional property tax law, so I always come out victorious! This year, like every year, I’m thankful for the kidz’ table.

That’s my Thanksgiving pop culture tradition, but we want to know about your Turkey Day tradition. Maybe your Thanksgiving tradition is a little less conventional, but that’s okay. You can tell us; we won’t judge.


That literally looks like the most fun two human beings can have on Thanksgiving Day.

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving Pop Culture Tradition? Tell us all about it in the comment section!

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