NBC’s ‘Sound of Music:’ Here’s What Critics Are Saying

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Last night social media was alive with The Sound of Music. NBC’s intrepid attempt at a live recreation of Rogers and Hammerstein’s musical masterpiece was truly a must-see event. Early ratings numbers suggest that the live musical event — which starred Carrie Underwood and Stephen Moyer —dominated the television landscape making it the number one show of the night for all three hours.

A ratings mammoth? Definitely. A critical hit? That’s up for debate. While some reviewers were quick to praise the special, others readily slammed it.

Keep reading below to see what critics are saying about The Sound of Music Live!:

1. “An ambitious — yet disappointingly stiff — staging of the original musical.” Hank Stuever, The  Washington Post

2. “Neither performer was helped by the fact that the production stuck to the original Broadway show, which premiered more than half a century ago. It was full of business that might be delightful or even exciting on a stage…but on a wide-screen television it tended to look like just that, lots and lots of stage business. Why was this done live?” – Tom Gliatto, People

3. “It’s hard not to root for this earnest adaptation to enjoy a measure of success, if only to encourage networks to continue to brave such events…. That macro view, however, can’t fully obscure the micro one. In terms of feeling like this production genuinely delivered, that’s one mountain “The Sound of Music Live!” just couldn’t climb.” Brian Lowry – Variety

4. “THE SOUND OF MUSIC was a stunning success beyond nearly any measure – a literal, musical and actual realization of the classic ‘Maria’ song lyric, ‘How do you hold a moonbeam in your hand?’ Exceptional in every way. Remarkable.” Pat Cerasaro – Broadway World

5. “About 10 minutes into Thursday night’s much-hyped live performance of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s ‘The Sound of Music’ on NBC, I started praying for a power outage to knock out my TV reception.” Don Aucoin – The Boston Globe

What did you think of Carrie Underwood and company? Are the critics being too harsh? Not harsh enough? Let us know!

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