Watch Amy Poehler Adorably Ambush New Yorkers into Singing Christmas Carols — VIDEO

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Allow me set the scene for you. You’re minding your own business enjoying a beautiful stroll down the picturesque streets of New York City — basking in some first-class people watching, wondering why pigeons insist on sharing the sidewalk with you when they clearly possess the ability to fly — when Amy Poehler unexpectedly appears and asks you to sing Christmas carols with her. WHAT?!

Professional comedic instigator Billy Eichner appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to premiere his new holiday themed video co-starring Parks and Recreation star Amy Poehler. Watch below as Poehler and Eichner ambush unsuspecting New York City pedestrians and attempt to coerce them into singing Christmas songs for a dollar. Nobody’s safe from the wrath of their holiday cheer… unless of course you’re holding a baby named Arrow.

Denizens of New York City I implore you, if Amy Poehler asks you to sing a holiday song YOU SAY YES. That’s just common sense 101.

The new season of Billy on the Street premieres March 12th on Fuse.

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