Holiday Dress Shopping? Tim Gunn Reveals the One Metallic You Should Watch Out For — VIDEO

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39th Annual People's Choice Awards - Backstage And Audience

Tim Gunn has already revealed how to seamlessly rock a basic black dress, now he’s turning his attention to a trickier trend: metallics.

“I love metallics,” says Gunn, who explains that the shimmery style can be worn day or night depending on the fabric. That’s not to say all metallics are made equal however. While Gunn says most metallics are flattering, there’s one particular style that shoppers should be wary of.

Watch the video to find out which metallic to watch out for while you’re on the hunt for the perfect holiday dress and how to determine in one easy step whether or not the metallic in your closet is right for you.


Somewhere between talking LBDs and metallics, Tim Gunn also offered to help me get ready for my first ever People’s Choice Awards. So far, I’ve been a pretty good student (or, at least I’d like think so!). Since I’ve already started taking care of my skin (here’s my simple how-to), it’s time to focus on my teeth. Watch the video below to find out how I’m making sure my pearly whites actually look, well, pearly white, on the People’s Choice red carpet.


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