What Does Your Favorite Disney Character Say About You?

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If you’re like me you’ll be spending a good portion of your holiday vacation relaxing with a hot cup of cocoa while watching a collection of your favorite movies. While attempting to finalize my holiday playlist, I started to think about my favorite Disney character. I admire Aladdin’s aspirational attempt to ignore his station in life and create his own destiny, but then again how can you not respect Belle’s originality? So many amazing characters, but sadly, there can only one favorite.

Find out what your favorite Disney character says about you below:

1. Aladdin


Fans of Aladdin seek adventure and absolutely detest conformity. Have you ever wondered why the caged bird sings? No! You’re too busy karaoking with Derek Jeter, learning how to hang glide or ordering an online wood whittling kit. You’re gregarious and have an address book filled with an eclectic group of friends. At their core, Aladdin fans are problem solvers. If a friend is having relationship difficulty with their significant other, you are their first call.

Aladdin admirers have seen the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off more than five times.

2. The Little Mermaid


Deep inside you possess the resilient whimsy and unique imagination necessary to one day change the world. Ariel dreamed the impossible dream of transforming from mermaid to human. That’s analogous to me transforming from human writer to animated Ghostbuster.

You’re a lover of the arts and are sometimes prone to crying during sentimental commercials.

3. Peter Pan


You’ll always be a kid at heart. Your sincerity is only matched by your never-ending supply of loyalty. Your emotions are no secret; you wear your heart on your sleeve. The first thing people think of when they think of you is the word FUN. You make any time a good time while never sweating the small stuff. You’ll always be the type of person who can laugh at life’s never-ending parade of ridiculous foibles.

Also, within the past twelve months you’ve most certainly answered the phone, “Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite color?” on more than one occasion.

4. Belle from Beauty and the Beast


Fans of Belle travel to the beat of a different drum. They’re natural born iconoclasts; they lead, people follow. They’re the type of person who’s always one step ahead of the zeitgeist, the first to know about a cool new band and actually watched Arrested Development when it debuted on Fox.

Belle fans are brave. Think about it, Belle fell in love with a literal beast. Can you imagine introducing the Beast to your friends? “Hey Keri, Wendy, this is my new boyfriend the Beast. He lives in a sweet castle, hangs out with a candelabra, a teapot and a clock, and as you can see, is a bit of a beast.

I always had a soft spot for ol’ Beasty. I’m a fan of anyone who sets the romantic bar as low as “When we touched she didn’t shutter at my paw.

5. Winnie the Pooh


Kind, empathetic, trustworthy, these are the words a friend would use to describe someone who loves that “silly ol’ bear.” You eagerly anticipate the first snow fall of the year and tend to look up at the night sky with childlike astonishment. Loyalty is the name of your game and you’ll let just about anybody play. You’re an optimist; you view a glass half empty as potential not an obstacle.

There’s no “Oh bother” in a Pooh Bear fan. You dance like nobodies watching and get tears in your eyes just thinking about the ending of It’s a Wonderful Life.

Who’s your favorite Disney Character?

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