Here’s What Happened When a Reporter Spoiled ‘Homeland’ for Jennifer Lawrence — VIDEO

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Celebrities are typically afforded a certain amount of privilege, but even Hollywood’s brightest stars aren’t immune to the diabolical mood killer known as the dreaded spoiler. During the SAG awards red carpet an Access Hollywood reporter coerced Homeland superfan Jennifer Lawrence into meeting series star Damien Lewis, and then inadvertently spoiled a major season three twist.

Of course, we’re totally offended on J-Law’s behalf. After all Access Hollywood, this isn’t a reality show contestant you’re dealing with, this is national treasure Jennifer Lawrence! She’s like one more Oscar away from replacing Benjamin Franklin on the $100 bill.

J-Law handled the situation with her trademark wit as she feigned (or was she really that upset?) anger at the reporter and exclaimed that she felt like her “heart just fell out.” Watch her reaction below:

Also, since we’re not “monsters,” we feel we should warn you that spoilers for season three of Homeland appear throughout the video.

Reason number 2,467 we adore Jennifer Lawrence: She was so nervous about being introduced to Damian Lewis that she attempted to blend into the wall in order to avoid an awkward encounter. Not to mention, her ears flushed red. Amazing.

Are you as much of a spoiler-phobe as Jennifer Lawrence? Have you ever had a plot twist ruined for you? Tell us in the comments! 

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