7 Disney Channel Original Movies That Need New Sequels Immediately

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The Disney Channel announced that a Life Size sequel is in the works, otherwise known as the best. news. ever. While Tyra Banks playing a doll who comes to life to befriend a young Lindsay Lohan is pure cinematic gold, it’s not the only TV movie that the Disney Channel should consider bringing back. Sure, Zenon: Girl Of the 21st Century and Johnny Tsunami already have sequels, but it’s not enough!

Besides totally shaping our childhood (and every single Friday night), Disney Channel Original Movies were an all around fun TV viewing experience (don’t bother pretending you didn’t tirelessly watch commercials for each one and count down the days until the premiere). Blame it on nostalgia or simply great taste in cinema, but the bottom line is this: We need more!

Here are seven more movies that the Disney Channel NEEDS to make sequels to ASAP:

1. Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

Set in the future (2049). Metallic spandex costumes. An orbiting space station with a totally amazing cafeteria. Funky pigtails. What more could you want from a movie? And even though there were already two sequels to Zenon, the last one aired 10 years ago (yes, you are old). So it’s definitely time for another.

2. Cadet Kelly


Admit it: Cadet Kelly kind of, sort of—for just a minute—made you want to go to military school. Hilary Duff as an (extremely stylish) young cadet trying to fit in was amazing on its own, but once you also throw in some bonus Ren Stevens Christy Carlson Romano, you’ve got 2002 brilliance.

3. Johnny Tsunami

Johnny Tsunami

If you weren’t deeply invested in the battle for mountain between Johnny and the Urchins (snowboarders), and that jerk Brett and his band of stuck up skiers (the Skies), were you really living in middle school? When they finally reopened the mountain to both the skiers and the snowboarders, it was pretty much one of the best days ever.

4. Smart House

Smart House

After seeing Smart House in 1999, was there anything you wanted more than a computerized house that talked to you, changed decorations depending on your mood, fixed your breakfast, and organized your closet? With the exception of the part where “Pat” got all crazy and held Ben and his family hostage (yes, that was the actual plot point), Smart House instantly made your own home seem insanely boring.

5. Motocrossed


Even though you didn’t technically know them, Andrew and Andrea Carson were the coolest twins you knew in 2001. You couldn’t help but cheer for Andy to beat the boys in the big race, and when she did, it was a huge girl power moment. (But let’s continue to totally ignore the fact that it was painfully obvious she was a girl, shall we?).

6. Luck Of The Irish

Luck of the Irish

One word: Leprechauns. Since watching a leprechaun-who-didn’t-know-he-was-a-leprechaun try to find his family’s treasure will never get old, we’re happy to report that the Disney Channel still airs this movie every year around St. Patrick’s Day. Now that’s lucky.

7. Brink!


This is the film that single handedly made you consider dusting off your old roller blades and taking them for a spin. And although there has never been a worse team name than “Team Pups ‘N Suds,” you couldn’t have been happier when Brink and his crew defeated Val and those cheaters, “Team X-Bladz,” in the downhill competition.

What movie do you wish the Disney Channel would make a sequel to?

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