‘Full House’ Guys Reunite for Commercial — Where is The Rest of the Cast Now?

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If you sing the line “Whatever happened to predictability?” chances are most people from age 9 to 99 will smile and reply with “the milkman, the paperboy, evening TV.” From 1987 to 1995 there may not have been a more beloved television family than the occupants of the Tanner household on Full House. Dannon, a multinational food processing company, is betting that America’s affection for the popular ’90s series is stronger than ever, and considering the amount of attention this Full House inspired, Super Bowl teaser commercial is garnering, it’s safe to assume they made the right choice.

While we obviously can’t wait to see what type of shenanigans these three yogurt enthusiasts have in store for us on Super Bowl Sunday, we can’t help but feel a bit nostalgic for the entire cast of one of our childhood television staples. It’s not your fault, fellas; a three of a kind will never beat a Full House.

Let’s find out what the cast of Full House has been up to since departing sunny San Francisco!

Name: Danny Tanner/Bob Saget

Occupation: Host of Wake Up, San Francisco (which should have been titled Wake Up, San Francisco! with an exclamation point. It’s the morning, San Fran! Get excited!)

Known for: His deep affection for cleanliness, fondness for hugs

Where is Saget now?: After Full House, Saget continued to poke fun at America’s collective clumsiness as host of America’s Funniest Home Videos for two additional seasons before returning to his stand-up comedy roots. The head of the Tanner clan went on to make guest appearances on a number of sitcoms, host the game show 1 vs 100 and, most notably, provide the voice of “Future Ted” on How I Met Your Mother.

Name: Joey Gladstone/ Dave Coulier

Occupation: Comic, former advertising agent, radio show host, Ranger Joe

Known for: Imitating Popeye, Bullwinkle ears, portraying a fountain/sprinkler by recklessly spitting water thus making a mess in the name of comedy, a myriad of voices

Catchphrase: “Cut it out”

Where is Coulier now?: Much like his former fictional housemate Bob Saget, Coulier continues to tour as a stand-up comedian while also cultivating a very successful voice-over career. The funnyman also dipped a toe in the tepid waters of reality television with stints on The Surreal Life and Skating with Celebrities.

Image Credit: SB Nation

Image Credit: SB Nation

Name: Jesse Katsopolis/John Stamos

Occupation: Exterminator, musician, advertising agent, radio show host, club owner, possibly a Beach Boy

Known for: His hair and deep aversion to sports.

Catchphrase:  “Have Mercy,” “Watch the hair”

Where is Stamos now?: Anywhere he wants to be… he’s JOHN STAMOS! After a few attempts at a Stamos centric television series, the former Mr. Katsopolis has found a nice career as an eclectic, Hollywood jack-of-all-trades type. Friends, ER, Glee, Law & Order: SVU, yogurt, The Beach Boys and — most recently — a People’s Choice Award nominated Yahoo! web series, John Stamos has done it all… but just watch the hair, okay?

Image Credit: SB Nation

Image Credit: SB Nation

Name: D.J. Tanner/Candace Cameron

Known for: Being the oldest child, dating Aladdin, her love of horses and karate, having a questionable taste in friends

Catchphrase: “Woah baby!”

Fun fact: Candace Cameron is the sister of Growing Pains star Kirk Cameron.

Where is Cameron now?: After the nation finally found out what happened to predictability, Cameron found steady work in a slew of made-for-TV movies and portrayed Summer Van Horne in the ABC Family series Make It or Break It.

Via MuchMusic.com

Via MuchMusic.com

Name: Stephanie Tanner/Jodie Sweetin

Known for: Being best friends with a stuffed animal.

Catchphrase:How rude!”

Where is Sweetin now?: Sweetin continues to make sporadic appearances on your television screen, most recently in the 2013 holiday film Defending Santa opposite Dean Cain. Sweetin also wrote a memoir titled unSweetined, which chronicled her alcohol and drug abuse that began after the conclusion of Full House.

Michelle Tanner

Name: Michelle Tanner/Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

Known for: Her adorableness, trademark sass, once buying a donkey with her lemonade stand money

Catchphrase: “You got it, dude!”

Where are the Olsens now?: The twins starred in a multitude of successful children’s movies after Full House, as well as another ABC sitcom Two of a Kind and, for Mary-Kate, the 2011 feature film Beastly.  In 2012 however, they decided to officially take a break from acting to focus on their burgeoning fashion career. A 2007 Forbes listed the two as the 11th richest women in entertainment at an estimated net worth of 100 million dollars.

And the rest…

Becky Katsopolis/Lori Loughlin: The ageless Loughlin transitioned her Full House success into a prominent Hollywood career. She starred on the WB series Summerland, as well as the CW’s 90210. She currently stars on the Hallmark original series When Calls the Heart.

Kimmy Gibbler/Andrea Barber: Retired from acting and earned a degree in English from Whittier College. Kimmy and D.J. are apparently still BFFs.

Steve Hale/Scott Weinger: Continues to act in various television and film projects, but is “One Jump” ahead of his former co-stars as the voice of Aladdin.

Here’s a photo of some of the cast (sans the Olsens) celebrating their 25th anniversary in Sept. 2012:


Who was your favorite Full House cast member? Do you still find yourself watching the reruns?

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