‘The Vampire Diaries:’ Best Twists, Hook-Ups, Deaths and More (As Ranked by Fans!)

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In honor of The Vampire Diaries 100th episode on Thursday, we asked fans to take a look back at some of the most memorable scenes and characters from the series. From the biggest twist to the most heart-breaking death, check out the list below to see which great moments (of many!) fans are still talking about and hit the comments to let us know if you agree.

(Still haven’t watched the past 99 episodes? First, what have you been doing with your life? Second, stop reading this post and start catching up now. Trust us, you do not want these twists spoiled.)

What was your favorite twist? Hello, Katherine.

vampire diaries katherine

She came. She caused havoc. And she changed the face of the show forever. Fans continue to hail Katherine’s surprise season 1 entry as one of the all-time best Vampire Diaries twists. Sure, her name had been thrown around relentlessly, but no one and we mean NO ONE (except for maybe showrunners Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson), expected her to actually turn up and that too in such epic fashion. Pretending to be Elena, hooking up with Damon, chopping off Uncle John’s fingers…let’s just say Katherine redefined what it means to “make an entrance.”

Which love triangle was most intriguing? Damon, Elena and Stefan


Do we really need to elaborate? Regardless of the countless crazy twists and turns, the biggest point of debate amongst fans continues to be the yo-yo love triangle between Stefan, Elena and Damon. Sure, it’s sometimes infuriating (just pick a brother, Elena!), but that’s also what makes it so great. After all, there aren’t too many TV triangles that make you want to throw things at your TV and hug it at the same time (ugh, feelings).

What was the steamiest moment? Damon and Elena’s motel makeout sesh.

Feel free to stop watching now. No, we mean it. Get back to this list! After multiple seasons of denial, Elena and Damon finally got it on for real while holed up in a motel. The moment turned out to be short-lived (thanks a lot, Jeremy!), but that didn’t stop fans from crowning it the series’ steamiest moment.

What was the best line? “He’s your first love, I intend to be your last… however long it takes,” Klaus (Joseph Morgan) to Caroline (Candice Accola)

Just when we thought bad-vamp Klaus had ditched town for good, he came back to give Caroline a graduation gift that fans are still swooning over. No, we’re not talking about his decision to allow Tyler to come back to Mystic Falls (though that was nice too), we’re talking about the epic line that followed. We’re waiting, Klaus.

What was the hardest goodbye? Alaric


Along with being Elena and Jeremy’s guardian and Damon’s BFF, Alaric was one of the few stabilizing (read: not crazy) characters on the series. It’s one of the many reasons why the audience loved — and continues to miss — the Mystic Falls teacher.

Your all-time favorite episode so far? Season 4, episode 23

The culmination to the search for the cure helped this episode rank a cut above the rest for fans.

A character you were happiest to see turn into a vampire? Tie: Elena Gilbert & Caroline Forbes.


The toss-up here is understandable: While Caroline become a much more complex character after joining the undead, Elena learned to toughen up. Judging from these results, it’s a good thing neither of them got the cure.

A storyline you could you have done without? Doppelganger Destiny.


Listen Qetsiyah, just because you say doppelgangers are destined to be together doesn’t mean TVD fans have to like it.

A character you could have done without? April Young.

Via askxaprilyoung.tumblr.com

Via askxaprilyoung.tumblr.com

Oh April…sweet, naive April, you never stood a chance.

The best villain? Klaus.


He was so good he got his own series. ‘Nuff said.

Favorite Mystic Falls event? Miss Mystic Falls Pageant.

There seems to be a Mystic Falls event almost every episode (not that we’re complaining), but it’s the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant — complete with a Damon/Elena dance and inklings of ripper Stefan — that fans recall most fondly.

What long-term storyline was the strongest? Stefan as a Ripper.


The lesson here? Stefan may be a good vamp at heart, but fans love when he’s bad.

The best season so far? 4

From Elena coping with her newfound reality as a vampire to the resetting of the love triangle, season 4 reigns supreme for Vampire Diaries fans.

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