5 Movies and TV Shows That Deserve Their Own ‘Harry Potter’ Style Theme Park

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Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter Diagon Alley doesn’t open until this summer (see the sneak peek above), but the buzz is already at a fever pitch.
Of course, while we’re beyond excited to revisit Hogwarts with this latest attraction, we can’t help but want to spread the theme park love to some other beloved movies and films. After all, Potter isn’t the only pop-culture phenomenon with the potential to inspire fantastic rides! Here are 5 movies and series that we’d like to see get the theme park treatment next:

Hunger Games

Why: If the franchise’s box office performance is any indication, the lines at this theme park would be long. Really long. On second thought, maybe this isn’t the best idea…
Dream Ride: “Panem Pathway Express” — From the agriculture zone to the Capitol itself, take a tour through all of the Districts on the speedy Panem Pathway Express.

Why: From water rides to time travel capsules, the list of potential attractions for a Lost-themed park are endless.
Dream Ride: “The Dharma Initiative” — Prepare to race against the clock in a clue-filled maze with The Dharma Initiative ride. The real fun? Finding out which side you get out on.

Doctor Who
Why: Calling all Whovians! Why not relocate all those annual Doctor Who conventions to a theme park? Not only will you be able to cavort with your fellow time-travelers — you can enjoy some cotton candy too!
Dream Ride: “Twisty Tardis” — Explore the space-time continuum with a tardis-themed thrill ride that features state-of-the-art 3-D technology.

Hocus Pocus
Why: Witches, ghosts, magic and a cat named Binx, this 1993 Halloween classic has all the right ingredients for a great theme park.
Dream Ride: “Escape from Witch Mountain” (okay, we know that’s already the name of a movie but stick with us here) — Outrun the three ‘Hocus Pocus’ witches with this winding ride that features a stomach-churning drop straight into the middle of a fiery cauldron.

November 1st, 2013 @ 20:51:56
Why: The frosty Disney flick is already headed to Broadway, and will soon have a sing-along version in theaters. Shouldn’t a theme park be next? If nothing else, an icy attraction would serve as a much needed retreat in the blistering Florida (we’re assuming that’s where it would be set) heat. Have we convinced you yet?
Dream Ride: “Adventures Through Arendelle” — Buckle up and “skate” your way through the kingdom of Arendelle with this high-speed coaster ride. Just watch out for surprise icicles (we hear that Elsa has a good arm!).

Which movies or shows would you like to see envisioned as theme parks? Share your ideas in the comments!

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