Senior Citizens Adorably Reenact Classic Movie Scenes — Photos

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Reason number 481,516 that we love the internet? Absolutely everything about this post. Bingo isn’t the only word residents of an Essen, Germany senior citizen center yell; they also scream action. The center decided to create a calendar of their residents posing as famous actors in classic movie scenes, and the results were absolutely amazing (see Breakfast at Tiffany’s reenactment above for proof). From Baby and Johnny’s memorable scene in Dirty Dancing to Jack and Rose’s romantic portrait at sea from Titanic, you’ll have the time of your life gazing through these adorable photos!

1. Rocky

2. Titanic


3. James Bond

4. Mary Poppins

5. Dirty Dancing

Our favorite is the dapper James Bond! The entire collection, which include The Blues Brothers and Saturday Night Fever, can be found here or by Googling the term adorable.

Which photo is your favorite?

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