Taylor Swift Had The Best Time Ever At The Grammys

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The history books will remember the 2014 Grammys for the Daft Punks and Macklemores of the world, but those of us who watched the award show all know the truth: The 2014 Grammys belonged to the be-boppin’ Taylor Swift. Not only did Swift rock the show with a simple yet emotionally charged rendition of her hit “All Too Well,” but she reminded the viewing public that the Grammy Awards are SUPPOSED TO BE FUN.

Allow us to share with you the sweet, sweet Giftory* of Taylor Swift having the time of her life at the 2014 Grammy Awards!

1. Taylor Swift rocks out to Daft Punk and Kendrick Lamar’s performance of “Get Lucky.”

Via Yahoo Music

Nice to see somebody finally taking Daft Punk’s lyrics seriously. Why is everybody sitting down? The line is, “She’s up all night for good fun,” not, “She rests all night for her mornin’ run.”

2. Taylor Swift: Master of the rarely witnessed seated head bang!

Via The Mirror

Via The Mirror

Tay’s World. Party time. Excellent!

Wayne's World :D. Head Banging. Not mine. Just found it. .. i wish i was that cool

Via Funny Junk

3. Taylor Swift attempts to explain the plot of Godzilla to Ryan Seacrest.

Grammys - Taylor Swift

Via Yahoo Music

Or perhaps she’s explaining her Golden Globes encounter with Jennifer Lawrence. Possibly both.

4. This is pretty much how everyone at home reacted to Beyonce and Jay-Z’s sultry rendition of “Drunk In Love.”

Via Vulture

Via Vulture

Dancing in a gorgeous designer dress is probably a tad more glamorous than dancing in our pajamas.

5. Taylor Swift is apparently one of the only people who remembered that the Grammy Awards are supposed to be FUN.

Taylor Swift Grammys GIFs

Via E! Online

“I don’t care how close Kendrick Lamar is, Martha! We payed for these seats so we are GOING TO USE THESE SEATS!” – Dude behind Taylor Swift

6. This is your monthly award show reminder: Don’t mess with Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift Grammys GIFs

Via E! Online

We call this the “In your face, Jake Gyllenhaal” pose.

* Giftory: A victory of Gifs

What was your favorite Taylor Swift moment from the 2014 Grammy Awards?

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