The 10 Best #SadTVShows on Twitter

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Last night the comedic titans behind the legendary sketch group The State briefly reunited on the Comedy Central series @midnight. During the episode, host Chris Hardwick challenged the guests — including Michael Showalter, Kerri Kenney and Michael Ian Black — to an epic hashtag war. The topic? #SadTVShows. While Black and his co-stars came up with some original ideas (The Wheel of Misfortune! Downer Abbey!), Twitter users continued to fuel the hashtag war with their own hilarious suggestions long after the episode ended. Even restaurant chain Denny’s chimed in!

Whether you’re a fan of the classic Nickelodeon game show Double Despair or an avid viewer of Amy Poehler’s Sharks and Mutilation, we rounded up a few of the wittiest #SadTVShows Twitter had to offer.

Check out our favorites below!

1. Sadder Day Night Live

2. How I Dumped Your Mother

3. Doctor Who Cares?

4. Orange is the New Bacon

5. Dawson’s Cremation

6. Harmed

7. I Told You Never to Come Back Here, Kotter.

8. Aaahh!!! Real Problems

9. Eastbound and Frown

10. Murdered, She Was

Share your favorite #SadTVShows hashtag in the comments section!

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