Jennifer Lawrence Got Dorito Dust on Her ‘American Hustle’ Dress

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Even Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence can’t resist the alluring spell of one of the most complicated treats in the snack food game today: chips. While the tastiness of a crunchy, salty, you-know-it’s-not-good-for-you chip is indisputable, the question that has plagued snack enthusiasts since the dawn of recreational snacking is this: What do you about the dust? Or, more specifically, what do you do about Dorito dust?

American Hustle costume designer Michael Wilkinson recently revealed that he and his team had to construct four different versions of a white dress Lawrence wore in the Oscar nominated movie because the character was supposed to spill champagne over herself. That’s when Wilkinson revealed yet another in a long line of adorable Jennifer Lawrence tidbits: ” I’m kind of glad we did because Jennifer Lawrence is a very . . . let’s say . . . raw and intuitive young lady, and she’s not against eating Doritos and snack food in her costume,” Wilkinson said . “So we were glad that we had a couple [backups].”

Jennifer Lawrence vs. Dorito dust! Is there enough time to turn this delightful story into a Super Bowl commercial?

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