Definitive Proof that John Stamos Has Not Aged Since ‘Full House’

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Update: It’s official! Earlier this summer, Netflix confirmed that it was reuniting most of the Full House cast for the follow-up series, Fuller House. Full details here.

Original: From getting photobombed by Rihanna to reprising the role of Uncle Jesse for a stint on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and dropping hints about an official Full House reunion (with the girls this time), it’s been a busy week for John Stamos. The Full House heartthrob has been making the rounds to promote his new Superbowl commercial with former co-stars Bob Saget and Dave Coulier.

The media blitz has given us an opportunity to take a closer look at Stamos and we’ve come to a very important realization: He has not aged. At all. The 50-year-old actor (yes, 50! We totally just blew your mind, right?) looks exactly the same as he did when he was sporting unruly long hair and leather vests as Uncle Jesse on the classic sitcom.

Not convinced? Check out the proof below that John Stamos looks the same whether he’s…

1990s: Performing as Uncle Jesse on Full House

2013: Performing as Uncle Jesse (with the Rippers!) on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon


1990: Posing with co-star Lori Loughlin (aka Full House’s Aunt Becky) for a photograph taken by Annie Leibovitz

Full House photo taken by Annie Leibovitz. One of my faves. #tbt

A post shared by Lori Loughlin (@loriloughlin) on

2013: Posing with Loughlin at his 50th birthday bash

1990s: Hanging with the cast of Full House in some tinted sunglasses

2012: Celebrating the 25th anniversary of Full House with the cast (minus the Olsens) with a fresh pair of shades

1990s: Taking adorable photos with Ashley — or, maybe it’s Mary-Kate (it’s so hard to tell!) — Olsen during the Full House days

2013: Taking an adorable photo with Ashley (it’s definitely not Mary-Kate) at his 50th birthday bash

1990s: Performing with the Beach Boys as Uncle Jesse on Full House

2010: Performing with the Beach Boys (as himself)

1990s: Helping Michelle fall asleep on Full House

2014: Helping Jimmy Fallon fall asleep on Late Night

2009: Saving lives as Dr. Tony Gates on ER

2012: Performing dental surgery as Dr. Carl on Glee

1990s: Impressing Aunt Becky while riding a motorcycle on Full House

2010: Impressing everyone while riding a motorcycle as Dr. Carl on Glee

1990s: Getting a photo taken with the Full House guys

2014: Taking a selfie with the Full House guys on Good Morning America, only to have it photobombed by Rihanna
Never change, Uncle Jesse. Never change.


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