Georgia Lawyer’s Awesomely Absurd Super Bowl Commercial Is a Hit — WATCH

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Sorry, Ford. Better luck next time, T-Mobile. Despite discernible advantages like national acclaim and everlasting budgets, this year’s honor of best Super Bowl commercial was won by the Casino — Jamie Casino, that is. Personal injury lawyer Jamie Casino bought the entire two-minute block of local advertising in Savannah, Georgia during the first commercial break of last night’s Super Bowl to air a truly astonishing ad for Jamie Casino Injury Attorneys. The buzzy advertisement looks more like an exciting new trailer for a Liam Neeson thriller than a commercial for an injury attorney.

Watch this incredible piece of advertising below.

“I’m attorney Jamie Casino, and I don’t represent villains anymore. I speak for innocent victims who cannot speak for themselves.”

This isn’t Casino’s first foray into the realm of grandiose advertisements. His website also features a “wild west” themed ad scored to the bombastic dark country tune “Devil Gets Your Soul.”

If you’re looking for an injury attorney in Savannah, Georgia, remember: It’s never wise to bet against the Casino.

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