‘Mean Girls’ Director Reveals Lindsay Lohan Was Supposed to Play Regina George

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‘Mean Girls’


Happy almost birthday, Mean Girls! Can you believe this highly re-watchable, immensely quotable modern classic is just two months and change shy of turning ten? Think you know everything there is to know about The Plastics? Think again. Mean Girls director Mark Waters recently revealed some scarcely known stories about one of the fetchest films to be released in the past decade. Take a look at a few of our favorite reveals below:

Lindsay Lohan wanted to play Regina George. Lohan was initially drawn to the aggressive energy of the Regina George character, but after the success of Freaky Friday Paramount felt that an audience would no longer accept Lohan as a villain. “Lindsay kind of begrudgingly said, ‘Okay, I guess I’ll play the lead,” recalled Waters. “At least I get to have more lines.'”

Rachel McAdams made Lindsay Lohan nervous. Although they were cast as peers in the movie, McAdams — who only recently revealed her favorite Mean Girls quote — is eight years older than Lohan. “When Lindsay was acting with Rachel, she got very shy, because Rachel was older and a very accomplished actress,” said Waters. “She’d come in the room and not talk to Lindsay — she was very focused. Lindsay kind of got nervous around her, and I thought that, more than anything, was going to be the deciding factor, the fact that she affected Lindsay in that way.”

Amanda Seyfried almost ended up playing Regina George. Can you imagine Seyfried as the treacherously vindictive Regina George? It almost happened. “The person who was neck and neck for the role of Regina — and we agonized over which one we were going to cast — was Amanda Seyfried,” Waters admitted. After McAdams won the role,  Saturday Night Live linchpin Lorne Michaels recommended Seyfried for the part of Karen.

Scarlett Johansson never auditioned for Mean Girls. You may have heard the long-standing rumor that Scar-Jo tested for the role of ditzy Karen, but that’s just pure Hollywood folklore. “I did test her for something, but not Mean Girls — I actually tested Scarlett for The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, when I was going to direct it with Owen Wilson in the lead, and she definitely would have booked the part,” explained Waters. “But then Hurricane Katrina hit and we ended up losing our sets, and we tried to reconfigure it for Toronto and we couldn’t do it.”

What’s your favorite quote from Mean Girls?

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