Jimmy Fallon is Taking Over the ‘Tonight Show!’ See His 5 Best Late-Night Moments — VIDEO

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It seems like only yesterday Jimmy Fallon was fumbling through an interview with the always reticent Robert DeNiro during the inauspicious debut of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. What a difference five years makes. Fallon’s enthusiastic charm and endearingly sincere personality catapulted the comedian from rookie host to king of late night in an unprecedented time-span. His swift ascent to the coveted Tonight Show throne may surprise even the most ardent Fallon supporters, but his novel approach to late night television coupled with his knack for creative comedy leads us to believe he’ll fit in readily — and while he’s at it,

Let’s take a look back at some of our favorite moments from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon!

1. Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake’s History of Rap

Hey Justin, if that whole “world wide super-stardom” thing doesn’t work out, may we suggest joining Fallon as co-host of The Tonight Show?

2. Mark-Paul Gosselaar resurrects Zack Morris

Fallon cemented his role as late night’s most prolific pop culture dream-fulfiller when he coxed beloved Bayside High mischief-maker Zack Morris out of retirement.

3. Jimmy Fallon’s Lip-sync Karaoke Battle with Joseph Gordon Levitt & Stephen Merchant

Jimmy Fallon is at his absolute best when he allows his infectious energy to run wild. We hope Fallon brings his jubilant lip-sync karaoke performances to 11:35.

4. Robert Pattinson is Bothered

“The month of March bothers me. Comes in like a lion goes out like a lamb.”

5. Jimmy Fallon’s Full House reunion

One of Fallon’s last, but dare we say, greatest accomplishments at Late Night was this adorable Full House reunion. Here’s hoping Fallon continues to surprise and entertain with innovative pop culture nostalgia when he takes the reigns of The Tonight Show.

What was your favorite Late Night with Jimmy Fallon moment?

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