Cast Your Vote Now for the Most Romantic TV Couple of All-Time!

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We asked you, our faithful readers, to help us determine the most romantic television couple of all-time, and sweet Pacey Witter did you deliver! We scoured through all of the wonderful comments you posted on our blog as well as social media to compile the ultimate list of swoony duos who will be competing in our exclusive Valentine’s Day bracket. From fan favorites like Kurt and Blaine to the classic love triangle toppling chemistry of Pacey and Joey so many beloved television couples made the list. Also, a few of you voted for a character or two from this tiny little unsung, under-the-radar program called The Vampire Diaries. Has anyone out there ever heard of this show? Let me tell ya, it’s not half bad.

Let’s take a look at the complete list of nominees for the title of Most Romantic Television Couple of All-Time!

Vote early and vote often because the polls close on Friday morning. The winners of each category will move on to compete in our ultimate romantic showdown to determine the Most Romantic TV Couple of All-Time! Let the games begin!






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