Jerry Seinfeld’s ‘The Tonight Show’ Appearances: 1981 Vs. 2014

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Last night Jimmy Fallon added to his impressive roster of celeb guests during his debut week at The Tonight Show by welcoming fellow comedian Jerry Seinfeld.

Seinfeld, who once appeared along with Fallon during a dueling Seinfeld’s bit on Weekend Update, was not only a guest, but also the first stand-up act to appear on Fallon’s iteration of The Tonight Show. Seinfeld’s act last night, which featured jokes about cell phones, the absurdity of the Postal Service, and the burden of having an actual conversation, comes an astounding 33 years after his first stand-up performance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson way back in 1981.

Take a look at Seinfeld’s stand-up act from last night’s Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon:



“I feel like a blacksmith up here sometimes to tell ya the truth.”

Now, for comparison, watch his act from 1981, as he talks about the weather report, Swiss Army knives, and the fattest man in the world:



Other than that great big 1980s hairdo, Seinfeld’s 1981 act is just as amazing as his present day musings. Can you believe Jerry Seinfeld has been delighting us with his observational humor for more than three decades?


Which Jerry Seinfeld stand-up act do you prefer—1981 or 2014?


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