The 10 Best ‘Scandal’ Gifs of All Time

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Sick of watching only Scandal reruns? It’s handled! Olivia Pope and Associates finally return to television tonight, and as always, you can count on lots of drama.

If you’re a die-hard Gladiator, then you totally get that sometimes you just need a Scandal gif to drive your point home. Fighting with your boyfriend? Cue the “You have to earn me!” gif. You can’t believe that super crazy thing just happened? Enter Mellie’s “death stare.”

Thanks to the show’s constant dramatics, there’s never a shortage of gif-able moments. Here are the 10 best Scandal gifs of all time:


10. Classic Olivia Pope.



9. Just don’t.


8. Ah, good old David Rosen.



7. Oh Sally, no one does pure shock quite like you.



6. Everything’s coming up Mellie!



5. Come on, you knew it was coming. 



4. Cyrus: So bad, yet just so good.



3. Could you just not?



2. Don’t even think of messing with Olivia. 



1. Mellie FTW!



What’s your favorite Scandal gif?


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