5 Sketches That Will Convince You to Watch ‘Portlandia’

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Photo Credit: IFC

Ah, Portland, where young people go to retire.

The Seattle-hating sketch comedy show Portlandia returns with season 4 on IFC at 10/9c Thursday night.

The series stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein as various characters who parody the absurd and quirky happenings of inner Portland and — surprise! — it’s really, really funny. Also, there are guest-stars galore! This season alone promises appearances from Jeff Goldblum, Kirsten Dunst, and former SNL cast member Maya Rudolf, among others.

Still not convinced it’s for you? Here are five fantastic sketches that we’re sure will get you hooked on the show in time for season 4.


5. “Spoiler Alert”

This sketch is for anyone who’s wanted to talk about their favorite TV show and received this response: “AH, don’t tell me! I haven’t watched it yet! (covers ears) La, La, La…”

SPOILER ALERT: Skyler kills Lady Mary in the clip above.


4. “Battle of the Gentle Bands”

Fred and Carrie’s characters compete with their “gentle” bands in an alternative battle-of-the-bands festival. Both of the soft, soft rock groups are blown out of the water by a surprising solo act.


3. “Feminist Bookstore”

The truly funny thing about this recurring sketch is that it’s based on a real bookstore. Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza guest stars as an apathetic college student who visits the store to get her textbooks. Unfortunately for her, one “needs to be written.”


2. “Put A Bird On It”

Pretty self explanatory.


1. “Dream of the ’90s”

This is the sketch that kicked off the series and introduced Portland as the place where ‘people are content to be un-ambitious, sleep ’til 11, hang out with their friends, and have no occupations whatsoever.’

What did we miss? Tell us about your favorite Portlandia sketch in the comments below!

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