Oscars Flashback: Choose the Ultimate Best Dressed Star — POLL

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It looks like March Madness is starting one day earlier this year. All of your votes have been tallied, and we can finally announce the final four nominees in the Ultimate Best Dressed Oscar Star poll! As with all our polls, we’ll allow our celebrity presenters to announce our nominees.

She writes songs about her old flames, while this actress treats hunger as a game. Here to announce the nominees for Ultimate Best Dressed Oscar Star please welcome Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lawrence!

Taylor Swift: Getting dressed in the morning is easy.

Jennifer Lawrence: But being nominated for Best Dressed is extremely difficult. From film to TV all of our nominees have one thing in common.

Taylor Swift: They’ve all been asked out on a date by George Clooney.

The crowd laughs. George Clooney graciously nods and flashes Swift a sheepish “you got me” grin.

Jennifer Lawrence: And the nominees for Ultimate Best Dressed Oscar Star are…

1. Sandra Bullock (2010)

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2. Gwyneth Paltrow (2012)

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3. Sandra Bullock (2011)


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4. Kristin Chenoweth (2013)

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Did your favorite star make the list? Can you believe Sandra Bullock earned the elusive “two time nominee” title? Cast your final vote in the poll below! Who do you think should be the Ultimate Best Dressed Oscar Star?

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