Sarah Michelle Gellar Says Buffy Belongs with Angel, Not Spike — Do You Agree? POLL

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Photo Courtesy: WB

Buffy fans may still be debating whether the slayer was meant to be with Angel or Spike, but star Sarah Michelle Gellar isn’t quite as torn.

During a Reddit AMA,  Gellar — who now stars on CBS’ The Crazy Ones — was asked to make the ultimate Sophie’s Choice: “Spike or Angel?,” a fan asked. As it turns out, she didn’t need much time to mull it over. “ANGEL,” Gellar responded resolutely. (You know she means it if she’s using all caps.)

Cue mass hysteria amongst shippers of both pairings. Gellar’s response caused a flurry of chatter on the Reddit thread — so much so that one fan was prompted to confirm Gellar’s answer.

Reddit user defeasiblefee: “Settle a debate going on over at r/buffy right now. Angel or Spike?”

Gellar: “Still Angel.”

Well, there ya have it kids. Sarah Michelle Gellar is firmly Team Angel.

But who do you prefer? The soulful, yet emotionally tortured Angel, or the soulful, yet emotionally tortured Spike? Give Buffy some credit; our girl certainly has a type. Take the poll below to let us know which team you’re on!

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